Gated Podcast 32 – Mike Darkfloor – October 2021

Gated Recordings have for the past few years been putting out a bunch of beautiful to club rolling electro cuts. And alongside the label, they’ve a mix series. For their 32nd mix they contacted us back in the summer and asked if I would be up for recording them a mix. And here we are.

Gated · Gated Podcast 32 // Mike Darkfloor // October 2021

This month we’re honoured to host a wicked mix from Mike Darkfloor, the chap behind the ‘Darkfloor Sound’ label and website. He also hosts Mantis Radio which puts out quality podcasts on a fortnightly basis. For us, Mike has conjured up a dizzying brew of Techno/Electro and grimey sounding electronics. Jump in and get lost in the drama.

Also in the show we have some upcoming bits from Gated as well as a couple of tracks from Pablo Splice and Hems.

Mazzula – Phased Return [unreleased]
Gescom – Five [Skam]
Rune Bagge – Light Up The Sky [Northern Electronics]
Monotronique – Driiil [Opal Tapes]
Kerrie – Droid Nation [Cultivated Electronics Ltd]
Stanley Schmidt – Brutal Ornament [Viena]
DeFeKT – Time Slip [New Flesh]
ERP – Lodestone [Semantica]
Andrea Parker – No Excuse [Quatermass]
O.b.s.t. – Primary Object [Perfume Counter Records]
Ribes – Oblicuidad [Subsist]
Radial – Boks [Mord]
FoxMind – Drum Format T3 [Circular Jaw]
Phat Chex – Dragons Lair [Darkfloor Sound]
Bjarki – Steikjo [Trip]
Alavux – Floating [Ban Kai Records]
T_Y – Kano [Subsist]
FJAAK – XoXp0rt feat. J.Manuel [Tectonic]
D-Nite – Substantial (Hedchef remix) [Fly By Night Recordings]
Sensei – Twisted Soundboy [Circular Jaw]
D&S – Conjecture [Avoidant]
Nathan Melja – Back and Forth [PARODIA]
Selway – Digital Emotion (Seretonin mix) [Ultra Records]

Lloyd Stellar – Raum & Zeit (Gated)
**Gated forthcoming** – Trinian
**Gated forthcoming**
Pablo Splice – Sambatronics (Woodwork Recordings)
Hems – Madsituation (E2 E8)


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