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Mike Darkfloor – October 2019

Here are ten favourites for October and September 2019, featuring a range of tempos, weight and sonics.

Covering dank industrial from subduxtion and fractured synthwave tech from Sigha as Faugust. Broken beat business from Poland’s Cyd with some smashed club bass by Lou Kessler. Throbbing EBM techno stomp from Italy’s RE_P. Hardcore, verging on gabber from Dimitar Georgiev, remixed by YA. Glitched step beat d&b from Hybris, and industrial destruction with a drum machine from the pairing of US hardcore band Uniform and heavy meets metal duo The Body. To some future sounding d&b beat magic from the ever impressive Djrum, and, heads down, vibe riding techno from SHDW & Obscure Shape.

Click the label link for places to get and/or hear the tracks.

Mike Darkfloor / October 2019

subduxtion – Black Sand [Milligrid Records]
Faugust – Definition [Our Circula Sound]
Cyd – Shadows [Hxagrm Records]
Lou Kessler – Axon Terminal [self-released]
RE_P – Envy Is Rottenness To The Bones (Intro-Version) [Archetypes Records]
Dimitar Georgiev – Baium (YA remix) [Måinmise Records]
Hybris – Not Bug [Pseudoscience Recordings]
Uniform & The Body – Gallows In Heaven [Sacred Bones Records]
Djrum – Tournesol [R&S Records]
SHDW & Obscure Shape – Lichtgestalten [ARTS]

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