In Session / futuremusic FM – April 8th

Having done Mantis Radio for all the years I have, I am in a privileged position where I am sent a fair amount of great music upfront and ahead of release.

There is a downside to it actually – I process a lot of that music quickly. I have to. Anyone in a similar position has to.

Each show rarely has any music from the previous one played again; it’s nearly always new material, not aired on the show before. I can go through music like a crack addict with a lottery win and a long weekend. So, going forward, I’ll be in session on futuremusic FM on Tuesday’s alternating with the long running Mantis Radio show. I’ll be digging into some of the recent material of the weeks and months past, with occasional guests to be expected.

Here’s what I played last night.

Pan Sonic – 4’41” [Kvitnu]
Ricardo Donoso – The Sphinx (Yves De Mey remix) [Digitalis]
Ike Yard – Half A God (Tropic Of Cancer remix) [Desire Records]
Chevel – Entanglement [Non Series]
Unknown – A [1962]
Perc – Bleeding Colours [Perc Trax]
Loops Haunt – IIVA [Black Acre]
Swarm Intelligence – Metal [dub]
Ruins – Lower Yr Eyez [dub]
Kuxxan SUUM – Kawaida 3step [end fence]
Dekode – The Promise I Made [Section27]
Sendai – Fringe Morals [Archives Interieures]
Oscar Mulero – Cave [PoleGroup]
Pris – Pencil Pusher [Resin]
Delusions – Illusion (Voidloss remix) [Ballisitic]
Subjected – Conquest 1 (Tuff City Kids Style Edit) [Ballisitic]
Shaken Opus – Raga (N.d remix) [Natch]
J:Kenzo – Ricochet VIP [Tempa]
Deadwood – Dissolution Paradigm [Cold Spring Records]
Savagen – Wound Up Tight [Darkfloor Sound]
Wen – Persian [Keysound Recordings]
Heavy – Baphomet [UK Trends]
Milanese – Barry Dub (Myler Bootleg) [dub]
Alex Bau – Diversions [Affin]
Ipman – Ventricle [Cold Recordings]
Ruskin – Slit [Blueprint]
David Meiser – Machines Are Alive [dub]
Noiz – Omniforma [Yellow Machines]
Pip Williams – Natural Instinct [Shameless Toady]
Youngsta + Seven – Architects [Tempa]
Coefficient – Point of Departure [M_Rec Ltd]
Fetish* – Mechanism [dub]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Rituals [Combat Recordings]
Ontal – Centrifugal Force [Darkfloor Sound]
Timothy Alexander – Sentience III [Sonic Groove]
EDMX – Breathe Deeply [Power Vacuum]
Oscar Mulero – Cave (Tommy Four Seven remix) [PoleGroup]
Somatic Responses – Who’s Stopping Ya! Killer [Ad Noiseam]
Kangding Ray – Evento [Raster Noton]


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