In Session / futuremusic FM – 24.02.2015

Earlier this week we got deep into it on futuremusic FM with a long overdue In Session broadcast.

Bookended by newly released mid 90s archive material from Black Rain, the two hour session is a techno heavy bag of beats. Including recent material from House of Black Lanterns, Radial and Anton Pieete’s Museum project, Demdike Stare, Drvg Cvltvre, Arovane, DJ Spider, and Dronelock + Ontal’s rather special Drop Forge Steel which is out in April.

Black Rain – Night City.Tokyo [Blackest Ever Black]
L ö W – ighta [CRL Studios]
Northumbria – Transcendence [Consouling Sounds]
Eric Holm – Stave [Subtext]
Abdulla Rashim – Under This Wasted Sky [Northern Electronics]
Bombardier – Laughing Madman [Pale Noir]
Arovane – Aarlenpeers [Touchin’ Bass]
U R E T H R A T E E T H – Moanstare [Pale Noir]
Create Her – Ulrica [Create Her]
Raphael Acohen – Zwart [LAAG Records]
House of Black Lanterns – 8 Million Stories [Hypercolour]
Museum – BBB [Radial Records]
P.E.A.R.L. – IVC I [Falling Ethics]
Skee Mask – Cylo [Ilian Tape]
the wee djs – Derhar [Touchin’ Bass]
Dusty Kid – Voronezh [Skryptom]
Demdike Stare – Patchwork [Modern Love]
Qindek – Effe [WRF Records]
Daze – Compton [Lobster Theremin]
Scape One – Alternate Pathways [Trust]
Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine (Acid) [Murder Capital]
Second Storey – Shaman Champagne (Aden remix) [Houndstooth]
DJ Spider – Their Mindless Heard [Studio R]
Go Hiyama – Modelling of Lights [Huehelix]
Untold – Doff [Hemlock Black]
Ingen – Those Who Know, Know [Tribal Waves]
Jose Pouj – SRIS (Christian Wunsch remix) [Injected Poison Records]
Drvg Cvltvre – I Can Feel The Devil Walking Next To Me Part III [Drvg Cvltvre]
Elmono – Baton Rouge (Colder Mix) [Cold Recordings]
Gage – Telo [Crazy Legs]
Cause n Affect x Preditah – Strange Signal [Red Bull Music]
Murlo – Hydra [boxedldn]
Sudanim – Sideman [Madam X]
Developer – Western Ways (Oscar Mulero remix) [Warm Up Records]
Furfriend – Endless September (Vapauteen Interlocking Mix) [Perc Trax]
Ghostpoet – Cold Win (Emetic’s CV3 remix) [dub]
Headless Horseman – Cannonball [Headless Horseman]
Matt TDK – Cavern [unreleased]
Dronelock / Ontal – Drop Forge Steel [Shadow Story]
Shari DeLorian – Wola Massacre [Rxstnz]
Black Rain – Arcade One [Blackest Ever Black]


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