Review / Black Sun EP by SUB on Motorlab

A three track EP by the Russian producer SUB here releasing on netlabel Motorlab. Following his rather good LP release on Russian-Techno back in April, come three dancefloor focused techno efforts.

First up is Black Sun, a chunky track with a bouncy sharpness to the beats. Pretty driving stuff resulting in a bass led techno track ready to unleash on the dancefloor, oozing with warehouse vibes. Track two of the collective three, Ghost From Nostromo, takes things into more sci-fi territory, whilst retaining the driving pound of the opener with a lift. More of a tool this one.

Finally Black Sun (version) completes our techno trio with a darker, murkier version of the title track. Feeling wet and dank throughout, this is heavier on the crunch resulting in an industrial warehouse atmosphere. Gotta be this one for me.


SUB – Black Sun
SUB – Ghost From Nostromo
SUB – Black Sun (version)
cat: ML016


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