Russian-Techno’s 3rd ‘Expanding the Border’ volume

A new release from the Russian Techno label is a reliable source of upfront dancefloor aimed beats, and this new compilation is no exception. Four tracks of warehouse ready sound.

The 3rd volume of the Expanding the Border series where the label opens up to embrace the work of producers based outside of mother Russia. Consider it their ‘import’ series. First up is the MANTIS Radio showcased producer Scott Robinson and his And Then The Sun Rose…. Scott isn’t one afraid to try new things as mechanised spinning metallic sheets slide around under a scattering broken tech beat complete with arcade bleeps and bassy kicks. Quite the curveball track. German producer Sascha Mueller weighs in a punchy straight piece with a great tribal groove to it. Consistent locked groove stuff with sharp hats for that late 90s retro feel. So whilst it’s not pushing anything forward it is a great tool track just begging to be played with in the mix.

Thomas Grinder is a producer I’ve not come across before (the same can be said for 4th of the 4 Stak Etop, but I’ll get to him shortly). Massive bass on this roller with a freshly wet coat of electronic gremlins for garnish. That bassline has completely sucked me in. Finishing off this quartet of producers is Stak Etop, a Finnish producer whose Purkki track is raw and squelchy, it doesn’t shy from being a fast track either and with that ‘gabba-eqse’ style kick this is 5am dirt stuff for the hardcore floors looking to stay up all weekend.

Overall an interesting mix of work and an education, for me at least, with the latter half of the EP. Of the 4; Sascha Mueller is my choice and whilst he might not be challenging the status quo but he is making infectious, if slightly retro techno which floors and DJs are going to lap up.

VA – Expanding the Border Volume Three

01. Scott Robinson – And Then The Sun Rose…
02. Sascha Mueller – What We Do
03. Thomas Grinder – Maximum Shrinkage
04. Stak Etop – Purkki

Cat: RTSW29 / Russian-Techno


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