Digital Distortions’s free EP – Thoroughly Lost To Logic

Each release with Digital Distortions is killer and this one is no different, other than it’s free. Headed up by Bushby (showcased back on Mantis Radio 011) and nEiL_m, Digital Distortions is a bastion of forward thinking electro infused electronica.

Four free futuristic tracks of filth and (machine) funk

I’ve had my mits on 2 of these tracks (namely the Ion Driver and Teutonic Kaboom remixes) for a while now and I’m really happy to see this release come out. That Mad-Tek VIP was a nice surprise.<

Various – Thoroughly Lost To Logic

Asset – Peak Limiter (Ion Driver remix)
Thatboytim – Past The End (Ed Devane remix)
Mad-Tek & Dan Fix – Micro-riddim VIP
Ion Driver – bbRobot (Teutonic Kaboom remix)


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