Enko – Jazl Mnstr / Bypass

The latest offering from Chinese netlabel Bypass has landed, together with a superb site redesign harking back to early DOS based computer programming.

The producer behind the sounds of the Jazl Mnstr mini LP is Enko; one Enkolf Kitler from Ukraine presently living and working in Moscow. He started releasing his music back in ’08 through netlabels SUBWISE, Pavillon36 Recordings, and Qulture Production and cites of one his major influences as that of Autechre.

Presented is an 11 track 34 minute excursion into the mind of Enkolf. Taking in broken beat step programming, glitchy stutters, fuzzy finishes and jazzy drum interludes such as that shown on Kont (JZL), iXet and Max Mospin; akin to early Ninja Tune and the work of Funki Porcini. This is joined by some lovely minimalist electronica as expressed with Melanholloh.

Enko – Jazl Mnstr

Enko – Sparkling Noise
Enko – Dublicat
Enko – Kont (JZL)
Enko – RUNX2
Enko – Electro Thought Impulse
Enko – AOP
Enko – Melanholloh
Enko – Dift Conser
Enko – iXet
Enko – Max Mospin
Enko – WOR (JZL)


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