Flint Kids – Day Nil / Abstrakt Reflections

Back in February London duo Flint Kids had a new release out. On Argentina label Abstrakt Reflections the longstanding studio duo of Danny and Dave gave us their EP Day Nil. And I can say gave us with confidence as Abstrakt Reflections is a netlabel, and a fine one at that too “releasing dark IDM and post industrial music, giving unheard artists a chance to release their stuff.

What lays in wait is 30 minutes of glitch textured sounds split over four original tracks and four remixes with that electro leaning the duo champion so well – it’s that lost art of IDM rearing its head.

On the remix tip you’ve Sorin Paun more abstract alias Randomform, French sound detailer VNDL, Sgure and c0ma, founder of Abstrakt Reflections.

Day Nil is an amalgam of contradictions, sharp yet globular, manic but neatly ordered. A place where asymmetry and uniformity manage to dwell in harmony.

Title track and EP opener Day Nil presents a mood lit, insectoid dripping digital environment – abstracted sound design captures you taking you into itself. First of the remixes, from Sgure, ramps up the tempo of Congealed – it breaks and morphs into shamanistic electrodes.

This is followed by Randomform’s reform of Day Nil – waves of gravel texture broken techno thud and those small infectiously sharp hi hats infect. It keeps the wet digital feel of the original and makes it into more of a track a DJ could attempt to mix – it’s still heavily on the mutant tip so be warned. Shattered is a short, almost groove track from the duo. Can’t help but not nod along with it.

The reconstruction of Congealed by label boss c0ma is a bit like a haunted tale told to children – it’s that music box sounding aspect. Melody wise this feel is continued with Triangular which verges on almost being a song lacking the to-be-a-song-it-needs-singing sung voice at points.

The rest of the EP shapes up quite nicely too – all operating in similar sonic territory. VNDL pieces together an almost sombre trip of glitch whilst final of the original pieces from Flint Kids Congealed is a foreboding enticing piece.

Without knowing what tracks are what the EP sort of blends into itself – the remixers bring their own take on things sure, but they haven’t deviated so far in feel that if I gave you these 8 tracks blind you’d think they were all by the same artist. Which is a good and bad thing – sort of depends what you want out of it. The strongest tracks for me? Opener Day Nil and the closing Congealed.

Flint Kids – Day Nil

Flint Kids – Day Nil
Flint Kids – Congealed (Sgure remix)
Flint Kids – Day Nil (Reformed by Randomform)
Flint Kids – Shattered
Flint Kids – Congealed (Reconstructed by c0ma)
Flint Kids – Triangular
Flint Kids – Day Nil (VNDL remix)
Flint Kids – Congealed


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