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In for a Mantis Radio session this week we present London’s Flint Kids. Before that, music from Death Grips, Paul Blackford, Vacated, Mouse on Mars, Dave Clarke, Imaginary Forces, Wirewound, Elemental and more.

Death Grips – Lost Boys [Epic Records]
Paul Blackford – Event Horizion [Binalog Productions]
Paul Blackford – Bass By Dope Demand [Binalog Productions]
Intergalacterrorist – Torn Apart [Void Tactical Media]
O.O.O. – AKIKA [ooomusic]
Aon – Noguruma kamols [unreleased]
Andrea Belluzzi – Kali [transmissions]
George Lanham – Paradox of Plenty [Cicuta Netlabel]
vacated – Borley 1937 [vacated]
RFS – Laboratory [Noctambular Rec]
Drugstore – Helios [Cicuta Netlabel]
Wirewound – Wirewound [Acre Recordings]
Alavux – Do Dat [Digital Distortions]
Fan Erhalder and Aunderwex – Uran 154 []
Mouse on Mars – Baku Hipster [Monkeytown]
Threnody – Fractured [unreleased]
Dave Clarke – The Wolf [Skint]
Villain – Stakeout [Singularity]
Villain – Escapade [Singularity]
2methylBulbe1ol – Golem (Hecq remix) [OverClockHeadz Rec]
Redrot – Mutant Youth Choir [Void Tactical Media]
Elemental – Blob (Full Spektrum remix) [unreleased]
Stormer – Size N Pitch (Prod. By Preditah) [@stormer]
Drumspyder – Summer’s Drums Solo (Master Margherita remix) [mastermargherita]
Imaginary Forces – Dead Fingers Talk [Sleepcodes]
Subkoks – #4442 [unreleased]

unreleased, and previously unheard, and as yet unnamed Flint Kids tracks.

Featued Guest

Responsible for Interakt Records, Danny Nolan & Dave Smith are Flint Kids, a London duo who for the past decade have been conjuring up various forms of electronica, heavily forged in the electro breaks bass substrains which makes them honourary Darkfloor practitioners. Describing their sound as

Glitches and bleeps fuse with organic matter fired from a techno blunderbuss to create a pool of binary sputum that finds no home in any one genre.

With an unreleased back catalogue reportedly larger than Linford Christie’s chopper it’s only in the past few years that select cuts of their sound has been unleashed through their own Interakt. Their exclusive session is rammed with some of these unreleased pieces together with some forthcoming heavyweight bleeps.

What may begin as a well earned, candlelit, soak in the tub of ambience can quickly drain away, as they pull the plug, leaving the listener cascading down a dark, jagged, hole with only a rungless ladder made of plasticine……. not for the faint hearted.

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