Imaginary Forces – Uppstigande (Ascension)

So last week I wrote a heads up about the new Imaginary Forces LP from Anthoney J Hart & Balázs Pándi: Uppstigande, this is its Ascension.

The album recently dropped on Ohm Resistance and should at the top of your to buy list.

Anyways, earlier tonight I came across the following mix recording Uppstigande (Ascension) and it’s built with tracks too good not to share. It, together with four other transmissions can be found over at Hart’s Entropy and Energy site.

As a primer for my forthcoming album Uppstigande I have compiled this special podcast of music that inspired and informed me during the process of making this album.

Featuring Coil, Pan Sonic, Sleeparchive, Masami Akita & Russell Haswell, Autechre, Alvin Lucier, Whitehouse, Karl O Conner & Mick Harris, and one of my personal favourite pieces of synth work from John Carpenter; this not a selection to miss.

Imaginary Forces – Uppstigande (Ascension)

Kenneth Kirschner – 100810
Alan Vega – Future Sex
Antti Rannisto – Ääniesineitä 7
Ilpo Väisänen – Asumaton
Pan Sonic – Uranokemia
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell – Fend Off Your Miserable Grief
Alvin Lucier – Bird & Person Dyning
The Ashante & Ewe of Ghana – Akom
Songhay Gulu Drummers (Niger)
Whitehouse – Dyad
Sleeparchive – 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
Autechre – pce freeze 28i
Sleeparchive – Hospital 03
Karl O’Connor & Mick Harris – We Can Elude Control
Autechre – LCC
Pan Sonic – Kierto
Closed Circuits – The River
Consumer Electronics – Grubbing
Sleeparchive – 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
Coil – Something
John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)


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