DVNT – January 2013

These ten have been servicing me well these past few weeks.

It’s an absolute monster of an EP forthcoming from Bandshell on Liberation Technologies. That Derlich track is verging on invasive nightmare – taken from the now released compilation Remembrance.

Nothing sounds quite like BUG(s) by D4F4K3-P4ND4; just kills every time. Also via the CRL Studios folk I’ve really been getting into the sound of Poland’s K-not. Dettmann continues to impress on his latest plate for Berlin’s Ostgut Ton; two tracks from Scotland’s Acre Recordings and another stunning piece of work from our own Phat Chex.

Welcome to 2013.

Click the label link for samples and/or places to get the tracks.

DVNT – January 2013
Bandshell – Nice Mullet [Liberation Technologies]
C Mantle – Congener 3 [Acre Recordings]
Derlich – ODD [TrusT]
D4F4K3-P4ND4 – BUG(s) [D4F4K3-P4ND4]
Freddy Fresh – Years Back [Earwiggle]
K-not – Nerve [CRL Studios]
Levon Vincent – Together Forever [Novel Sound]
Marcel Dettmann – Iso [Ostgut Ton]
Molez – Understanding Mechanisms [Acre Recordings]
Phat Chex – Shrunken Heads [Darkfloor Sound]


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