Beyond Control (Voice FM) w/ DVNT – 2017-02-11

Last weekend a mix I recorded the day before aired on Southampton’s Voice FM 103.9. Commissioned and broadcast by Wayne Chester and Digital Fist of the station’s weekly late night techno show – Beyond Control.

Those of you familiar with my DJ selections and style know that I tend to stomp around different styles attempting a cohesive whole. In a rare move on my part, the mix I recorded and sent to the duo was approximately 97% techno. For the curious the entire two hour show, with Wayne in the mix in the first hour, can be got here.


Ariadne – I Thirst [Auris Apothecary]
Reeko – Dishonest Thoughts [PoleGroup]
Si Begg – Fight To The Death [Noodles Recordings]
Chevel – Entanglement [Non Series]
Monolake – Crash [Imbalance Computer Music]
Donor – Counter [Prosthetic Pressings]
Psyk – Surface [Mote-Evolver]
Jay Clarke – The Chase (JoeFarr remix) [Blackaxon]
Dino Sabatini & Edit Select – Multiplo (Dino Sabatini Version) [Motoguzzi Records]
Museum – BBB [Radial Records]
Forest People – Clatter [Darkfloor Sound]
Harushi Clan – Sleep Paralysis [Planet Rhythm]
Ben Klock – Napoleon Hill [Ostgut Ton]
Rivet – Vermont [Naked Index]
Gemini Voice Archive – Geocentrica [Soma Records]
Go Hiyama – Congelation [Semantica]
Huren presents MRTVI – Partial Deletions [Zhark]
Relapso – Exploring The Universe (Farceb Reconstruction) [Relapso]
Diamond Version – Forever New Frontiers [Mute]
Ancient Methods – Untitled [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Mslwte – Gnarl [Noctambular]
Lag & Forest People – The Anvil [Darkfloor Sound]
Coeter One – 145 (Urbano remix) [Nulabel LTD]
Sonar – Red Capsules [Ant-Zen]
Stave – Circle Pit [Repitch Recordings]
Oscar Mulero – Cave (Tommy Four Seven remix) [PoleGroup]
Silk Road Assassins – Shaded [Planet Mu]


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