Second Life

DVNT DJ set this Sunday, 3rd May, at the Drome

This coming Sunday night I’ll be trying something new and DJing in the online world, Second Life.

DVNT will be making his Second Life DJing debut at Fresh Static @ The Drome on Sunday 3rd May 2009. Come and shake yer pixels!

11am-1pm SLT / 7pm-9pm UK: Olaf Quintessa
1pm-3pm SLT / 9pm-11pm UK: DVNT

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Fresh Static takes its name from a line of poetry: “My body tingling with fresh static all my own” .. Okay so the poem has more to do with someone turning into an android to be with a cybernetic lover, but tingling with fresh static is exactly how great electronic music should make you feel! So this is what we are trying to get out there .. Great electronic music – Fresh static for you!

Most of Fresh Static’s social activity happens in Second Life. The idea is to promote underground techno and electro, with parties featuring DJs from real-life alongside DJs based in the virtual scene. Currently we’re organising regular parties at The Drome. Come along and you’ll hear DJs and live electronics across a range of styles – all aimed squarely at tickling your brain cells and making your virtual feet shuffle :)

Second Life opens up fresh opportunities for electronic music to spread and grow, so we’re also publishing features on this website about the scene in Second Life – The DJs and producers, the clubs, new builds, parties. We want a crossover, so we have the parties where real world DJs play in Second Life alongside DJs from the virtual scene, while also writing about the electronic music scene in Second Life for the real world to read about.


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