Production Unit – ICU Tracks on Broken20

For me, techno always has and always will be conceptual.

Taking and creating sounds that imagine places known and unknown, and emotions to match. ICU Tracks from Production Unit continues this theme, using the sounds heard on frequent visits to a friend in hospital to construct sparse haunting Techno that is reminiscent of Sleeparchive at moments and Steve Reich at others, but that is not to say this is not an original piece of work.

Snare drums seem to echo down long uninhabited corridors and there is the constant sound of life monitoring bleeps and the life giving hiss of pumps. The Beatless version of Broken20.3 is more than an ambient pause in proceedings, adding perfectly to the tension of the EP. Also adding serious weight are the two remixes, courtesy of Perc and Paul Purgas (one half of Emptyset).

Production Unit was a member of electronica outfit The Marcia Blaine School For Girls alongside TVO. He has released on Highpoint Lowlife and Stuff Records amongst others, and assists in the running of Broken20 with TVO and Erstlaub. Broken20 release music that in their own words is

concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz.

Production Unit – Broken20.1
Production Unit – Broken20.4
Production Unit – Broken20.3
Production Unit – Broken20.5
Production Unit – Broken20.3 Beatless
Production Unit – Broken20.5 (Perc Mix)
Production Unit – Broken20.4 (Paul Purgas Mix)
Released April 30th.


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