Dronelock’s Shadow Story with Ontal, Mark Broom and Rivet

Dropping soon on new label Shadow Story is Dronelock’s Clusters. It comes packaged with three remixes from Mark Broom, Rivet and those Ontal boys I might have mentioned on here once or twice.

Clusters convey infinite possibilities. The meeting place of creation or destruction, harbouring life and light or death and darkness. The fragile, intergalactic interplay of opposites. The beginning, the end, the unknown!

Broom turns in a darkly tipped roller and the most up front club cut of the release. Rivet’s effort is superb. Slinky, house edged with sumptuous layers of details. The Serbian duo of Noiz and Dekode offer a restrained slowburn deep snake feel on their version, complete with those eerie breathes. Compared to their intense, razor sharpened kick and snare weight heard on their EP Output and track Function, it might not be what you’re expecting, yet, the accomplished studio skills are there and it’s another winner.

Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church’s original piece, recording together as Dronelock, glimmers, with piano keys adding to the atmosphere of what is already a beautiful track.

Clusters nestles itself somewhere between being a set opener and headspace home enjoyment. It builds on the duo’s work to date on their Weekend World Recordings imprint – a label they’ve not been afraid to release more exploratory ‘techno’ on of late as Dronelock. With both having released material going back some 15 years their experience shines as it should.

Recommended stuff.


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