Ontal’s mix for New Brvtalism

LA based New Brvtalism hit up Darkfloor originals Ontal recently for a guest mix and interview.

You can read the interview here, whilst the mix packs just what you’d expect from the Serbian pair – noise doused, abrasive techno with acid gargles and heavy cloaks of distortion. Along with a few from the pair themselves the mix features material from Zhark, Tinfoil (Sunil Sharpe + DeFeKT) iFormat, Vapauteen, and Endlec amongst others.

Der Zyklus – Optical Distortion [Weme Records]
raum.null – In The Belly Of The Beast [unreleased]
R E N D E R E D – S T O N E C O L D S O U L [unreleased]
Device Control – Damaged [L.I.E.S.]
Tinfoil – Foil 26 [Tinfoil]
Sarin – Familiar Scum [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Le Syndicat – Second Chance [Daft Records]
Mrtvi – Ibukron [Jezgro]
ANFS – VPA [Inner Surface Music]
Ontal – PI02.1 (Orphx remix) [Pi Electronics]
iFormat – When The Walls Have Ears [Local Sound Network]
Unhuman – Brazen Bull (Ontal remix) [Monolith Records]
Sinus O – Soporific Power (VSK remix) [Rive Droite Records]
Computer Numerical Control – Mass [unreleased]
Endlec – Fearful Symmetry [Mord]
Dawid Dahl – Krig [New York Trax Imports]
Vapauteen – Made In Magnasanti [L.I.E.S.]
Dolgener – 06:30 [The Cast Project]
Future9192 – Murder Someone [Continuum Series 1991-1998]
Ontal – Boot Sector Infection [Erebus]
Gaja – Create [Ophism]
La Moderniste – La Beaute Nait Dans La Mort [Hands Productions]
ANFS – VPA (Honzo ADHD remix) [Inner Surface Music]
Monica Hits The Ground – Scenario Vanity [Zhark]


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