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Darkfloor 27 – Galaxian – Sub City Electro


Galaxian is a formidable electro producer. We’ve raided the vaults of Darkfloor to bring you a recording of a live PA he did for Glasgow’s local station – Sub City Radio. Originally recorded September 26, 2009.

It’s a combination of his tracks, re edited and arranged together with brand new bits and loops and what not. Most of it he says, doesn’t even have names yet.

Before there was the Darkfloor mix series there was MANTIS:presents – a mix only offshoot of our popular radio show Mantis Radio. Over the next few months we’re going to be republishing some of those mixes, partly to tidy things up as far as mixes we’ve commissioned and published – and partly to revisit them as much of our audience today will have missed them the first time around.

Galaxian showcased his uncompromising take on electro on Mantis back in April ’09 and has since continued to record and release intense, unflinching and often very direct takes on electro. Current release The Looting of Release on Last Known Trajectory a prime example.


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