Geistform, live at The Dark Side Of The Moog 2012-08-19

Earlier in the year, around mid March it was, I heard this live set recorded almost a year ago today by Spain’s Rafael Martinez Espinosa – Geistform.

For over a decade now, Geistform has been releasing his take on driving rhythmic noise with several albums on Belgium’s Daft Records and Germany’s Hands Productions or HANDS. Daft have worked with Muslimgauze, Sonar and Dive whilst HANDS have worked with Orphx, Needle Sharing and ADMX-71 (Adam X). Just 3 examples from the many artists both labels have worked with. Neither has exactly held back on releases and are full of some stunning albums.

That should give you some sort of context I guess – yet this recording is somewhat more electro but no less noise that the examples I’ve given you. Some of you will already know who Geistform is and will be familiar with his work. If you don’t you soon will be and he’ll count you amongst his fans.

I’ll let the recording do the talking. No download option I’m afraid.

Directly influenced by minimal techno and industrial music, Geistform produces cold and kicking beats, generated from analog sources with pure electronic tones and oscillations, pulses, frequencies, background radiations and white noise.

And for that authentic feel – here’s a short video recording of Geistform performing this very set.


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