In Session / futuremusic FM – August 26th

Last night Darkfloor had an ad hoc session on futuremusic FM – the results of which are below. Heavy on the techno (naturally) but with diversions into grime beats, electro and some material that bridges between.

Things began with a beautiful cut from Answer Code Request’s recent LP – Code – on Ostgut Ton (which is one of the best albums of 2014) through material on Hospital Productions, Signal Life, Skam, R&S, Resin, Token, and Houndstooth. With tracks from Hoth System, Ingen, Loops Haunt, Blawan, Dat Oven, Phat Chex, Matt TDK and Create Her.

Answer Code Request – Odyssey Sequence [Ostgut Ton]
Bezdan – GRMIA (alt. version) [Bezdan]
Exoteric Continent – Acces [Hospital Productions]
Korova – Deep Water [RSVD]
Traversable Wormhole – Present Hypersurface [CLR]
Underclass – Hype Dem [UK Trendz]
Twwth – Thousand Million [Signal Life]
UVL – Bathory [Energun]
Team Doyobi – Definition [Skam]
Tessela – Butchwax [R&S Records]
Monya – Verweht (Perc remix) [Corresponding Positions]
Pris – Pencil Pusher [Resin]
CTRLS – Charge [Token]
Container – Slush [Liberation Technologies]
Hoth System – Holding Pattern [Sprung Records]
Retsof – Turning Their Backs [Input Output Systems]
Ingen – Those Who Know, Know
House of Black Lanterns – Broken (_Unsubscribe_ remix) [Houndstooth]
Jay Mass – Signal (with DKM) [Bass Agenda]
Loops Haunt – IIVA (EXT) [Black Acre]
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Original Arena Mix) [Night Slugs]
Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage [Hinge Finger]
Instra:mental – Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse Mix) [NakedLunch]
Christian Wünsch – Radioactive Decay [PoleGroup]
Create Her – Christina Kleve [Create Her]
D Carbone – Origin [Mord]
Matt TDK – Industry [unreleased]
Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor Sound]
Quinoline Yellow – T6 AX [Touchin’ Bass]
Create Her – Flyting [Create Her]


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