new Death Abyss EP drops in May on Rodz Konez

A short drop this one to give a heads up to the forthcoming We Do As We Please two-tracker EP on Birmingham’s all-things-techno label Rodz Konez by the unknown entity/entities that is/are Death Abyss. Rumour has it another EP is also on the horizon soon.

Meanwhile, check out these 2 cuts which drop May 9th. The heavyweight broken techno crunch of Humiliate For Sport goes back to back with the deeper hive grind of You Are All Our Toys.

The release notes are, perhaps, too honest for some.
Personally I think they’re right on the money:

We hate you all.
You make us sick.
This is Art not a pissing contest.
You are the latest disgrace in a long line of cunts.


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