Autechre – Vletrmx21 (Borealis cover)

This isn’t a remix, this is a remake; a cover version. And it’s a very impressive one from Jesse Somfay aka Borealis.

I have tremendous respect for Autechre. Vletrmx21 has been by far one of the most immensely inspirational pieces I have been touched by in my life.

This is a cover version, an echo of the original. The same light from a different angle. The original’s melody is played through Roland JP8000, Yamaha AN1x and Eowave Domino.

And if you’re impressed by his studio wizard skills, follow this up with his recent album Voidness on Origami Sound. An album of wireless fractured crackling. Droned late night transmissions.

It’s serene, different, neither one thing or the other. It feels honest, and the result of someone just experimenting, not trying to make this or that.

Voidness is an album that rewards repeat listens.


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