Jnr Hacksaw – Mutant Cunt Jam

The UKs warped electro bass mentalist Alexis Cousins, better known as Jnr Hacksaw, offers for free download, fittingly or otherwise, a track self proclaimed as cuntstep.

Five minutes and forty seconds of flexing jammed sound waves pushing breakbeat fuelled electro. Hacksaw was one of the earlier producers to have been showcased on Mantis Radio, before the days even of Darkfloor official. And whilst his released output might have slowed down (as far as I can tell the last releases from him were back in June with the 12th and concluding 13th track of this Thirteen series) his sound is as sound system testing as it ever was.

Whilst pulling together this piece on his Mutant Cunt Jam I happened to read about his equally un-family-friendly named Fuckstick. A ravaged collection of controllers and guitar parts. Used with the band Wrongtourage.

It consists of an old bass attacked with a jigsaw to accommodate a cheap Behringer BCR controller. On the neck is a linear potentiometer, sometimes called a ribbon controller, above where the pickups used to be is a 1940s morse code key.

Also, whilst I’m here, here’s his collection of old tunes that never got released, made between 1998 and 2002.


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