Advanced Human – Boiler EP (ft. Inigo Kennedy) on Starkstrom Schallplatten Germany

Released a few weeks back (on blue vinyl no less) was Advanced Human‘s Boiler EP on German label Starkstrom Schallplatten.

The original is a strong piece of gravel edged backroom warehouse vibes. The remixes have a strong pedigree of producers behind them; they being Inigo Kennedy, Raiz and basking in the justified glory of their debut album release on Perc Trax: Forward Strategy Group, all who step up and fiddle their machines.

Inigo’s remix is his trademark cerebral, with less of the IDM flourish more of the upfront stomp on display (like his early work). Very cool. Shifts the original that bit deeper. Straight for the floor this cut. Raiz takes things into the stripped slow grind of a Berghain style roller. Deep with resonated stabs of sheen punctuated by that sharp relentless snare. Simple but no doubt very effective on the floor.

Which (on the vinyl release) leaves with the Forward Strategy Group remix, hypnotic and the most techno sci-fi of the versions presented. I want to say more about it, being that I have a lot of love for the production duo of Patrick Walker and Al Matthews but it’s really not blowing me away. It functional and very well done, sure. Just in the context of the whole EP it’s not up to same standard and style I’ve come to expect which isn’t to say it’s bad, far from it. It’s just not as strong as the other remixes here.

Then for the digital release side of things (currently a Beatport exclusive, checking on dates for general release) is a second remix from Inigo Kennedy. Snappier, jacking almost before he works in what sound like early deep dubstep synth. Think Burial ‘first album’ style. Very hard to pick between his two remixes. Leaning more on this, just around that synth really, also it’s that more fractured beat finery.

Ending the digital package is Salamandra, the second and final original cut from Australian producer and Elektrax label boss Advanced Human (aka DJ Hi-Shock). More of a clicking minimal style tech track. Still very much techno, but will find a raft of DJs from that murky, saturated world supporting. Think Hawtin’s and his contemporaries current soundspace.


Advanced Human – Boiler
Advanced Human – Boiler (Inigo Kennedy remix V1)
Advanced Human – Boiler (Raiz remix)
Advanced Human – Boiler (Forward Strategy Group remix)
Advanced Human – Boiler (Inigo Kennedy remix V2) digital only
Advanced Human – Salamandra digital only
SST 006


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