Dead TV Society – Noxgenus 08

I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about Dead TV Society, what I do know is that they produce deep, frequently dark mostly beatless soundscapes. And as it stands, that’s enough for me. No collective title for these 8 tracks other than the catalogue number, fittingly Noxgenus 08. Released back in late April thou I’ll admit I only noticed it this morning. As is the fashion with the mysterious Noxgenus label this release is freely available as both MP3 or lossless FLAC.

A new album release by Dead TV Society containing 8 brand new buzzing, droning and sophisticated dark ambient soundtracks for your abstract dreams…

Dead TV Society – Noxgenus 08

Dead TV Society – Ego Death
Dead TV Society – Anxiety of Modern Man
Dead TV Society – Existing in a Single Copy
Dead TV Society – Inescapably Tied
Dead TV Society – Ordinary Language
Dead TV Society – Stone and Wind
Dead TV Society – The Dream Argument
Dead TV Society – The Ghost Kamakura


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