DOWNLOAD / fifth free comp from IDM netlabel Crazy Language

Drawing together some of the netaudio’s most accomplished electronica and IDM producers comes the 5th Crazy Compilation on netlabel Crazy Language.

Based out of Berlin, Germany, Crazy Language has on their books the likes of  Mantis Radio favourites Datacrashrobot, Randomform and Logical Disorder who have tracks featured in the immense 29 on offer. Rec_Overflow, aAirial and Enabl.ed are producers I’ve heard and played bits from in the past so keen to hear more from them. The rest are largely new to me if I’m honest, and I’m keen to discover what they can produce.

Essentially if you like your sound a bit more abstract than dancefloor then you’d be on to a good thing with downloading this compilation. There’s a lot of talent nestled in this release and from these artists, of whom I feel are unappreciated and largely go unnoticed by fans of these styles of sound. This is something I’m actively trying to alleviate with posting netaudio releases such as this very one on this very site. The collection is available free as 320kbps. So, what have you got to loose?

Do let us know in the comments section what your favourite tracks are. Going take me a few listens to properly digest this electronica hoard.

Crazy Compilation #5

rumorse – Welcoming Fireflies
Adapt – Jupiter in Dub
Huron – Complicated
Iqbit – D.O.N.
aAirial – While True
Sintetic Collage – Amplitud
Yvat – Tousle
ENV(itre) – Tetrafield
Plaster – Cubichord
Ralp – Heperioth
Rec Overflow – Aleatoreame
Zeno – Modular 2
XZICD – Fear Da Bomb, You Cunts! (improv 9_112020 X-Mas Sessions)
FMcontrol – Ghira Plantcore
DNN – Tears For Grandma
Pleq – Wire Right Of Sorrow
Randomform – Cybervetic
Jfrank – Noise For BS 6
Vodor L Zeck – Chickensoup
Syl Kougaï – Candylicker
Omnta – Fraction
Datacrashrobot – Abandonware
Logical Disorder – Prince Of Poverty
AZ-Rotator – Multiverse
Elypixa – FullnessO2
Burdeos – I Hope You Feel Better
Exosphere – Lonely Tree
Lucidstatic – I Had Forgotten You
Enabl.ed – Metha


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