Alphaxone – Portal / Petcord

The world of the internet is vast, I mean staggeringly huge. You all know this so why waste pixels on it.

My point is that it’s a place of constant new discoveries (if you let it and can step away from facebook) as Alphaxone‘s LP release on Germant netlabel Petcord goes to prove. Both the artist and label are brand new discoveries to me and I’m liking them.

Label owner Olliver Wichmann writes:

Alphaxone is an Iranian project that focus on dark ambient sounds with careful arrangements and distinct dynamics. Portal glows in a gloomy tone with dissonant and dissolving harmonics, but without being overwhelmed and dragged into an abyss of noise. Clearly, IX, the mind behind Alphaxone, strikes a balance between the cause and inspiration and the technical means to expression. Rather unusual for dark ambient, there is a clear architecture, a common thread that unites all parts of the album. Circular thoughts from a different angle, with no sign of change, but many ways of describing a key moment in life.

Alphaxone – Portal

Alphaxone – Desolation
Alphaxone – Falling
Alphaxone – Insight
Alphaxone – Existence
Alphaxone – Primal Dusk
Alphaxone – Pause
Alphaxone – Corrosion
Alphaxone – Occult Mind
Alphaxone – Unknown
Alphaxone – Observer
Alphaxone – Roots


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