Death Clips – Mid Military, a Death Grips meets Clipping mashup.

This year rap music has produced some interesting new artists (and some great collaborations). Run the Jewels self titled EP is, frankly,  grade A excellent. Technically I think it’s more hip-hop than rap but I’m no expert and this is our site so, our rules. Killer Mike and El-P  (aka Run The Jewels) dropped one hell of a release, and if you haven’t heard it yet – believe the hype.

As I said on Mantis Radio after I’d finally heard and subsequently played a cut from it, this was one release worthy of the hype it had attracted. Elsewhere – love him or hate him, Tyler the Creator continues to entice, as heard on this years Wolf LP.

OK, but this drop is rather about a bootleg mashup of two of the most interesting, confrontational and respectively abstract in their own way groups – the heavy heavy Death Grips and the newer blood Clipping. Both have had drops on here previously and I’ve been lucky enough to bare witness to and experience live, both. Short story – loud and very intense.

Stephan Wilder operating under the name Hey Person has mashed up Clipping’s excellent 2013 album Midcity with Death Grips debut ‘mixtape’ from 2011 – Exmilitary. Although sonically different – both groups operate in a similar area of confrontational, sound-like-nothing-else rap/hip-hop but, oh so much more. An area of intense abrasion, with sharp lyrical flow. Rough as, bass heavy carnage. Both utilise actual noise, with Clipping it’s a point 1 on agenda feature (and one they do it so well).

So whilst this ain’t perfect, Wilder admits himself as much, it is loads of fun. It’s very difficult to describe Clipping without mentioning Death Grips so this had to happen really.

I am assuming at this point that you have both Midcity and Exmilitary in your collection right? And that you’re up to speed on both? Good. Carry on.


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