the Darkfloor Daily – 26.11.2013

Hello there. Here’s a couple of things I’ve been meaning to mention –

Inigo Kennedy has a new EP our on Belgium’s TOKEN. You don’t even need to preview VHSK to know it’s gonna be good.

I recently recorded a fresh mix, Pebbledash Vortex, for Intergalactic FM and The Bohemian Club. It’s available to stream on YouTube, SoundCloud or Mixcloud – or you can have a 320kbps. Your choice. It features tracks from Dalglish, Borealis, Vester Koza, Drexciya, Pip Williams, Gescom, Moderat amongst others.

Not sure how this slipped me by but Imploded View has had his second album Anomaly Domine out since August. The downtempo, hazy lo-fi electronica of Jerome McCormick first impressed us here at Darkfloor with his Psychonavigation released, 2012 album – Picnics with Pylons. His sound operates in that shimmering lushness that Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss offer, yet McCormick finds his own sound.

Are the loudness wars over? The Quietus’ Nick Southall ponders the issue and talks to the mastering engineer’s mastering engineer, sound expert Bob Katz – the very man who coined the term.

Borealis’s Jes Somfay recorded this 2 hour beast of a mix for Fenomena Studio coinciding with his rather fantastic new album Glittervoice.

Getdarker have teamed up with dungeon dubstep producers Klax (Riskotheque and Locustlung) to offer their track Dead Space for free ahead of their Boxing Day session at London hotspot Fabric.
Details of that – here.

Xander Harris released a free three track EP for Halloween – I know it’s late November, yet the EP is still up and it’s no novelty release. It is some great synth worked gravewave colour.

Darkfloor Sound gets a mention by way of Chris Pratt on Ableton’s site. Pratt, along with our Darkfloor Sound signed electro producer Phat Chex, perform a fantastic live PA as An Earth Without People. If you see that name on a flyer check them out – very cool sounds from two very talented producers. Pratt is a certified Ableton instructor based down in Plymouth.

Witch House and beyond netlabel Aural Sects have a new EP out from signs – EY/STAR. It’s rather good.

Fancy an industrial breakcore mix? Course you do – here’s Speak Onion live on the machines at Barcore: Mechanized Demolition from November 8th.


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