Javi Marin’s mix ‘General Infrastructures’

Throwing up a heady claustrophobic mix of industrially structured techno lands this mix from Javi Marin aka Dark Brain.

The foreboding resonance of sound comes from a swarm of producers, masters of the style, including Casual Violence, Surgeon, Ruskin, Asagaoaudio, Shufflemaster, CYP and Planetary Assault Systems.

Javi Marin – General Infrastructures

Archae & Grovskopa – Elements
Tomohiko Sagae – Thallium
Casual Violence – Reaction Mechanism
Archae & Grovskopa – Surface Tension
Traversable Wormhole – Exiting The Milkyway (Surgeon remake)
Casual Violence – Side Show
Oscar Mulero – Nothing To Prove
Ben Gibson – Remote (Casual Violence remix)
Reeko – Staromestska
Kevin Pearson – Denaturalized B
Exium – Untitled B
Green Velvet – Abduction (Surgeon remake 2)
James Ruskin – After Dark
Extrakt – Koo1 A
Stanislav Tolkachev – Back To Myself
Fumiya Tanaka – Drive #9 (1-2)
Go Hiyama – Survival
Reeko – My Revenge
Luka Baumann – Emergence Nine (Grovskopa remix)
Asagaoaudio – Archerfish
British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson
Go Hiyama – C (Reeko remix)
Luis Ruiz – Monstrum In Animo (Pablo Bosio remix)
Oscar Mulero – Take Seven
Cyp – Control Yourself
Luka Baumann – Suncica
Exium – No Name
Planetary Assault System – The Menace
Ian J.Richardson – Artillery
Vandross – Hurt Me, I’m Waiting (Female edit)
DJ Shufflemaster – Flowers Of Cantarella
Whitehouse – Dumping The Fucking Rubbish
Archae & Grovskopa – Grid Repair

recorded 23/10/2010


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