Valved remixed by AnD + WHOK on Trensmat

The new EP from Trensmat has dropped. With remix treatment coming from the dark hard duo of British techno AnD and from Irish noise abuse duo Whirling Hall Of Knives. A track a piece from Valved and their Nute released Blood on the Controls cassette mini-album that dropped earlier this year.

AnD turn in two killer slabs, just don’t expect their trademark 5am techno stomp grind. The ‘Over the Edge and Back again’ remix of Tipping Point is doom electronics, marching ever closer to the precipice of the darkness. Their other remix is the sound of the other side, falling into the bleak, dark ambience that oozes horror and drags you down into the the void.

Whirling Hall Of Knives (Magnetize + The Last Sound) display more of their fine abrasive noise with two versions of the originals title track Blood on The Controls. Their first is throbbing pitch black system groan thunder – industrial and then some. At serious volume this is evil and intense. Their second is taken back to a hypnotic, ritualistic place – it might not be as intense or malevolent as their first remix but it is a burnt out, weathered husk – great work in other words.

I have literally no information on Valved to write – what I can tell you is the original source material is like an alien conversation of between neo-future tribal drums for Tipping Point with Blood on the Controls relatively upbeat in comparison to everything heard thus far. It’s still doused in dirt, grit, grind and rust but does have a melody between the cluster throbs.

Available direct from Trensmat.


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