Breathe Compilation 05

A few Mantis Radio shows back we showcased Logical Disorder and his stunning IDM/electro/ambient production sound. His last release (and the one that sparked my interest in getting him on the showcase guest mix: Violent Playground) was via the Mexican breathe-comp netlabel. This is their latest release and being a compilation (their 5th), it serves as a fantastic introduction to the label.

Fifth compilation online, a journey into the deepest level of imagination. Twenty new and regular artists.

Don’t let it go for nothing. In this world of infinite violence all we need is a breathe of love, music and imagination.

Follow us in this voyage.

Breathe Compilation 05

aAirial – PCT
In Vitro – Entropia
Horiso – Wishin’
Lezet – Not of the loins pt. 2
Transmission 13 with Antonio de Braga – Lake
Palminha – With Love from Venus
DFADER – Convergence
Eternal Snowfall – Hate you
Ohuican – Vlozm
Esoteric Sob – Apnea
Música para Khaos – Subacuatica
Vate – Bastet
Wenceslada – Amarillo
Minimal States – Horizon
Andrea Porcu – Heimweh
Gelier Jonathan – Macromato
Nahuatl Sound System – Nonantzin
Vela – Gladiator
DDO – 623 días

photography and cover design by César Damián
compiled by Quetzal Contla


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