Vacu Sessions 16 – Cornucopia

The 16th Vacu Sessions invites Cornucopia to provide the sound selection. The production duo of Claudio Chea and Jorge Castro have constructed a very deep enveloping mix comprising of their own production work. As the mix progresses the sound gets more intense and uncompromising taking you further into their minds whilst maintaining an overwhelmingly hypnotic effect on the listener.

Started in 1996 in Puerto Rico, Cornucopia has developed a carefully crafted sonic identity, which is focused on generating intensity via loud and quiet sounds, trying to push the limits of blissful noise, looking to create infinite, euphoric music.

Vacu Sessions 16 – Cornucopia

Cornucopia – Untitled (Side B)
Cornucopia – Untitled (Track 3)
Cornucopia – Untitled (Side A)
Cornucopia – Las Antenas
Cornucopia – Untitled (Track 1)
Cornucopia – Megalith (remix for Wilt)
Cornucopia – Untitled (Track 2)


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