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DVNT – March 2009

Again, better late than never, and we’re almost upto date.

DVNT and his March Darkfloor 15

As usual, these are in no particular order, just click the label links for more info.

Galaxian – Warhead [Militant Science]
Dead Prez – Hip Hop (DFRNT Dubmix) [dubplate]
DK 69 – Trix []
kern – KNARZER+ [phonocake]
Z99 – Juusu Gruuvs (Casual Violence 2nd remix) [netcords]
Blackmass Plastics – Get Bigga [dubplate]
Riino – Aerial Mind [Armatura Records]
Parasite Audio – Clean Slash Proper [Pest Control Records]
Thorn Industries – Do The Mash (VIP) [dubplate]
DJ Hell – My Definition of House Music [R&S Records]
Pavel Ambiont – Peace Dub (Segment Version) [Segment]
rANdoMoiDz – Raggage Baggage [Digital Distortions]
VERTICAL67 – Cside View (Mrs Jynx remix) [Acroplane]
K.A.L. – The Whisky Fist (Skywave Systems remix) [Myuzyk]
Tatsu – Bump Foot [Bumpfoot]

All of these can be heard in past and no doubt future Mantis Radio broadcasts, as well as when I DJ out and about. Speaking of which…

If you’d like to book DVNT for your clubnight / house party, or to provide a guestmix for your radio show / podcast, then you can do so as he is taking bookings.


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