The Cavity Church compilation / Bad Sekta

Highlighted to the Darkfloor hive by the very man responsible for the compilations opening track: The Cavity Church is a multi-artist release celebrating seven years of the Bad Sekta label.

Collectively the tracks present a dark electro infested glitch tweaked heavy bass overload of sorts. The aforementioned opener Bust It from Blackmass Plastics setting the scene with a jacking piece of squelch edged thud.

Next man up is another favourite producer of ours at Darkfloor, FZV with Srxvi-cdp. Insect like before the wide and downcast synth drone washes over. Dark, near-future doom soundtracks this piece that lurks forward in the night time shadows of some forgotten district of a mega city. Also worth mentioning that FZV has a retrospective album forthcoming on Bad Sekta in late December.

Featuring tracks dating from 2002-2010, a period during which Richard released some excellent records for well-respected labels such as his own Anathematica, Ai (now defunct?) & Rag & Bone (as well as contributing to Bad Sekta since our first release).

Lastboss presents more of a dubfunk thing, in the style of Broken Bubble. Lots of swagger, choice samples and a general twisted funk to it. Murdering a Brown Snake is a track with edits and style switches which make it feel sporadic and even maybe erratic but at the same time, well done. I’m hooked. It morphs and evolves over its four short minutes with that rasping bass. Great track.

Junglismonk picks up the tempo with more choice samples and a thundering drive on a mutant frantic techno hardcore track, amens at the ready. weyheyhey !! goes one further with a rinsing amen glitch breakcore thing which brings the rave to 500 and stuffs it right up your nose. It’s also damn hard not to funk the fuck out in my chair listening to it. Hard, stupid, fun.

Scrubber Fox brings to the comp what Scrubber Fox does best, gabba crushed abuse in the shape of Can’t Make Tunes Anymore Eh. Hekula’s Plasm is more of a song than a track, in that it does feel like it could be performed on stage rather than constructed from loops and bleeps in a DAW. The opening sample expressing the unknown voice’s owner stumbling on the Philosopher’s Stone leads into a goth friendly synth shuffle. This could technically be classed as witch house if you were so inclined.

Inton’s interlude of looped mood continues the spook of Hekula leading into the Chemical Toliet Brothers work on Night of The Bum Gravy. A roller, of sorts that shifts gears into squelch technoid. Adverse Camber collective member Randomoidz drops a snappy stompy electro tech number Racking Up the Acid Smash, which as a track title explains better than I can what to expect.

Track 12 of the 14 on offer is from Phuq, the Essex based producer and man responsible for all things Bad Sekta. From the off, it’s a gabba kick fiesta. Dirty, stripped 6am warehouse fodder. Man, there is something so pleasing about a gabba kick, it’s so full and throb’y. Mmm. Throb. I do like that word…

Things continue in gabba flavoured land with Keep It Locked by Ronin, b-movie like samples expressing the devastation of earth spring up over the slab of straight pounding kicks and drums. It’s nothing particularly special but it does the job nicely and should work the dancefloor committed from the lightweight.

Penultimate track honours go to one of the best artist names in a while ‘The Grime-o-cologist’. They present what starts as a skanking little number in Grunch that builds up into yet more gabba kicks and a “who’s bad” vox lick before going up a notch on the spice weasel into a neo hardcore rave slammer. Again one for the 6am soundsystem rinse crew. Is that a Dizzie Rascal sample too? Probably. Then we’re back into those kicks. It feels not quite as fully realised as it could have been to me. Plenty of ideas, sure, just they could have been worked into a tighter sequence. A more honed and edited down piece perhaps.

Ascetic gives us Klangbruch, the final, and longest track on The Cavity Church. Like a lost radio transmission it’s an out there piece moved along with that regular straight beat, like a thing pursuing you in your nightmare. Over its 11+ minutes it builds into a crescendo of darkness with fluttering electronic blips. The beat continues, relentless in its direct purpose, marching you through, to the empty void that awaits when the track finishes. For what is up to this track in the compilation a collection of warehouse aimed club beasts, the inclusion of Klangbruch seems both a strange choice and the right one. It pushes and tests the listener and effectively ends the compilation in a way that a ‘club track’ wouldn’t have done, it would just have ended.

The Cavity Church

01. Blackmass Plastics – Bust It
02. FZV – Srxvi-cdp
03. Lastboss – Murdering a Brown Snake
04. Junglismonk – Boogie Man
05. weyheyhey !! – Little Batty Foo Foo
06. The Abominable Mr Tinkler vs Kevin Pearce – Freezin’
07. Scrubber Fox – Can’t Make Tunes Anymore Eh
08. Hekula – Plasm
09. Inton – Steam and Flare
10. The Chemical Toilet Brothers – Night of The Bum Gravy
11. Randomoidz – Racking Up the Acid Smash
12. Phuq – Quarter Litre
13. Ronin – Keep It Locked
14. The Grime-o-cologist – Grunch
15. Ascetic – Klangbruch


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