Placid’s I Love Acid mix

Placid, a man who knows his acid, with supposedly the UK’s biggest and most complete collection of acid house tracks (edit: this could be the world’s biggest). Having listened to his mixes and seen him DJ I can confirm he has a vast collection of the stuff. This is his latest effort and from the offset it’s straight into the 303 abuse.

As with all his mixes this is a proper old skool style mix, recorded on 2 turntables and mixer with no post recording trickery and uploaded as a lovely sounding 320kbps MP3.

You can catch Placid on his radio show, alternative Thursdays on the excellent station Future Music; where Mantis Radio is broadcast no less.

Placid’s I Love Acid mix
Fuzz Face – Far Out [Communique]
Dahlback & Dahlback – Sweden 1 Canada 0 [Turbo]
Nylon – Tschon Zämöl [Holzplatten]
Hienostunut Sonni – Sharped Dressed Acid Man [Alexi Delano LTD]
Luggen – Aciduse [Teknofon]
Random XS – Aftermath [Djax up Beats]
E.V.I.A.N. And the Atlantis Posse – Techno City [Tekno Kut]
Acid Warrior – Karzinom [Junkfood]
Jared Wilson – Ghettoblaster [7777]
Essit Muzique – Essit Muzique [DAP]
Alex O Smith – Ultra Fine 01 [FXHE]
Sonic Tourism – Orange [Toolbox Tunes]
Minimum Syndicat – Forces [Minimum Syndicat]
Hugg and Pepp – Pellefant [Dahlback]
Tamburi Project – Tamburi Project [Stickman]
Maxx Renn – Acid Jack [Jamayka]
Random XS – Give your Body [Djax up Beats]
Fast Eddie – Welcome to the Pleasuredome [Underground Construction]
Luggen – Waste My Time [Teknofon]
Kevin Starke – Acid Jak [Kstarke]
Rob Acid – Acid Wave [Molecular Funk Guerilla]
Disco Nihilist & Daetron Vargas – Construction Paper
101 Force – Axid V2 [Breakin Records]
Jared Wilson – Drug Related Stories [7777]
Control Voltage – Control Voltage


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