M4L-FunCt10n’D releases fund raising EP Black Robots

Embrace the darkness, let it wash over you, filling you with feelings of warmth and compassion.

This is not a typo, the brilliant Black Robots EP by M4L-FunCt10n’D (Malfunctioned) has been released to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and also to raise awareness for @guinnessdj who is running a marathon on May 20th in aid of the same charity.

That aside this is a great EP of bass heavy, glitchy techno/electro that across its 6 tracks will lead you to a land inhabited by the Black Robots of the title, do not miss this EP as it will be deleted on May 21st 2012.

£5 secures you a place in the saviours compound when the Black Robots take over.


M4L-FunCt10n’D – Didactic Delta
M4L-FunCt10n’D – Covariance Matrix
M4L-FunCt10n’D – Pressure
M4L-FunCt10n’D – Dominion-17
M4L-FunCt10n’D – Communion
M4L-FunCt10n’D – Tinnitus Masker


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