Skywave Systems – Fantasy Mix

Skywave Systems is the main man behind the net label Myuzyk. A label releasing seriously awesome music and giving it away for free. You can’t argue with that can you.

Once in a blue moon I will attempt to, quite unprofessionally, make a selection of tunes join forces and digitally mingle together in a happy mess.  You might like some of it.

There will be some webspace to house all things Skywave, including productions, but until then here is the first offering.

Skywave Systems – Fantasy Mix

Hell Interface – The Midas Touch [Skam]
Datashat – Stop The Message [Handsette]
Lorn – Another Mistake [mp3]
Alex Smoke – Make My Day [Soma]
Posthuman – Lander (Cursor Miner remix) [Handsette]
Dave Graham – We Are The Music Makers [mp3]
Gescom – C1 [Skam]
the wee djs – web [mp3]

feat. samples from Silent Running, Knight Rider, Demon Seed + Black Hole.
Release details correct at the time of publishing to the net.
Running time – 24:02 / Bitrate – 320kbps / File size – 55MB


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