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Mantis Radio 58 – Subeena

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Planet Mu’s Subeena gives us a taste of her sound and selections in the session. With music from The Black Dog, Alva Noto, Breakage, Si Begg’s Buckfunk 3000, Molez, Cordell Klier, Slam, Ikonika, Two Swordsmen, and The xx.

Breakage – Temper [Digital Soundboy]
A Bridge Far Away – East End Butcher (featuring China) [Methodology Records]
Alva Noto – interim (for dieter rams) [Line]
The Black Dog – Tunnels OV Set (Crookes mix) [Dust Science]
SCB – 20_2 [SCB]
m0h – Zurich [Ground Factory Records]
Gennaro Mastrantonio – Darkside of Miami [Sleaze Records]
Gennaro Mastrantonio – Darkside of Miami (Perc’s EBM Love remix) [Sleaze Records]
Buckfunk 3000 – Jump (Gella remix) [Hardcore Beats]
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume (Si Begg VIP remix) [Future Perfect Records]
Nicolas Bourbaki – Topology (Full Spektrum remix) [Furioso]
Helixir – Helicraft [7EVEN Recordings]
Molez – Hole [Acroplane]
+ Subeena – Morphic Chaos [unreleased]
Subeena – Excuse Me [unreleased]
Drifta – Into the Dark [Sub Pressure]
Cordell Klier – Captivated [Cyclene]

Fcan – Qpel
Photonz – Montargil
Jahcoozi – Namedropper
Sbtrkt – Jamlock
Subeena – Neurotic (Instrumental)
Reggie Dokes – Dream Catcher (FCL edit)
Mella Dee – Tek One
Rossi B + Luca feat: Killa P – Police ar come run
Geiom feat. Marita – Sugar Coated love (Brackles + Shortstuff refix)
Egyptrixx – Everybody bleeding
Randy Twigg – Suitcase (Subeena remix)
Ghosts on Tape – Equator Jam

T-Polar – U Part Deux [Digital Distortions]
Slam – Azure (The Black Dog Corned Beefy remix) [Soma Recordings]
Warsaw Hoolz – I Smell ‘Dro Up On You Holmes [Vocode]
Teutonic Kaboom – Rhubarb Rhubarb [Bassgun]
Likhan – Daoine Sidhe [7EVEN Recordings]
Ikonika – Yoshimitshu [Hyperdub]
CYP – Duvod [Transporta Records]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Sex Beat [Warp Records]
The xx – Teardrops [Young Turks]

Featured Guest

Subeena is 24 years old producer Sabina Plamenova, originally from Italy via Germany with Bulgarian roots, now based in London where she studies a Music and Media degree.

Subeena was included in a special feature dedicated to women in electronic music – X chromosome – by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1, where she showcased her own special sound on the airwaves amongst other producers such as Ahu, Vaccine, Cooly G, Ikonika and more. Her productions have also had wide support amongst internationally renowned producers such as Skream, Boxcutter, Vaccine, Mrs Jynx, Jay Scarlett, Mike Slott, Tes La Rok, Dave Q from Dub War and many more.

Her work was initially mainly included in the dubstep niche, however it has quickly evolved and has become more diverse, crossing over various “electronic music” genres but at the same time not losing that distinct sound in which Subeena began experimenting with. She runs a monthly 2 hour radio show on Sub.FM called ‘Outland’ which includes guest mixes from producers from across the globe.

Sabina took part at the latest Red Bull Music Academy held in Barcelona in autumn 2008, where she collaborated with artists such as UK singer-songwriter Jamie Woon, Mexican producer Pepepe and MC and producer Violet who she also included in her new EP, and with studio team Osborne and Om Mas Keith (Sa-Ra). The collaboration with Jamie Woon and Om ‘Mas Keith– Solidify is included in the Various Assets CD that the Academy releases every year and that features the productions made during the two terms; it was also released on Planet Mu Records in October ’09. Featured on one of the past editions of the free DVD Slices together with producer Dot, who she has been co-running her own record label Imminent Recordings (formerly known as Immigrant Recordings) for a year and a half.

“Subeena makes some beautiful music that will tempt techno and house heads as well as the dubstep crew the way she uses melody to create a spaced out psychedelic yet light atmosphere on these tracks is a unique and welcome take on the sound. Add to that the talents of her collaborators this is one solid 12” for Planet Mu.” – The Sonic Miefiled, October ’09

“Subeena knows that you don’t have to smack someone in the face to make an impact – everything here is in the right place at the right time.”
– John Eden,, Woofah Magazine, Jan ’09

“Subeena hits us with another heavyweight banger in the shape of Boksd – which surely has to be a contender for release of the year.” – The Super Super Magazine, March ’09

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