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Mantis Radio 304 – Room of Wires

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Room of Wires showcase their fantastic IDM sound today up in the session. Hear new music from Giant Swan, BNJMN, Scalameriya, Soma, Cristian Vogel, James Ruskin …

Elsewhere in the show lots of new tracks from the likes of Giant Swan, Temudo, BNJMN, Scalameriya, Acroplane, Cristian Vogel, James Ruskin, Subsist, Rob Clouth, VALE, Ricochet Records, and Soma.

Johan Ess – Perfect Forward (tttlllrrr remix) [unreleased]
BNJMN – Soared Above [Bright Sounds]
Deeply Unexpected & Spinnet – Noise Repellent [Ricochet Records]
Burnthouse Lane – The Target [Still Heat]
Theta – Kink [Acroplane]
Scalameriya – Neonorb [47]
Duellist – Hereditary (Swarm Intelligence rework) [Folgsamkeitfaktor]
Giant Swan – 55 Year Old Daughter (Extended Mix) [Keck]
Cristian Vogel – Understory [EPM]
MONYA – Listen [HANDS]
Temudo – Tough To Say [Soma Quality Recordings]
Hardfloor – The Business Of Basslines [Hardfloor]
Dijuma – Basic Dub [Subsist]
James Ruskin – Weakness Of The System [Blueprint]

Frankie Machina – Autoburn (Room of Wires remix)
Weldroid and Friends – Vandal Attack (Room of Wires remix)
Test Subject
Room of Wires vs Wolf Asylum – Radical Eyes
Eat The Sun – Fingers (Room of Wires remix)
White Transit
Temple Run
Bone Haul
Pentatonik – Ray of Light (Room of Wires remix)

Recoil – Jezebel (Filthy Dog Mix) [Mute]
DET – Ocha (Maynix remix) [VALE]
Rob Clouth – Vacuum State [Mesh]

Room of Wires

Featured Guest

For the first session of 2020 we’ve a mix for you from Room of Wires. They’re a UK based duo creating beautiful sound that is as twisted as it is gently fragile. Curiously, the two, who are both named Andrew, have never actually met in person. Instead, working in isolation – collaborating through the internet. One Andrew uses hardware and wires. The other Andrew, software and virtual wires.

Formed in 2013 their music is rich and deep IDM electronics, channelling electro, glitch, drone and pulsating rhythm.

Their session for Mantis Radio today is a snapshot of their current sound, featuring original material, remixes and a collaborative piece with Australian acid, glitch, and industrial producer Wolf Asylum.

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