Bassgun’s new EP ft. SmashBack, Teutonic Kaboom + Vitamin


Brand new release from the UK label: Bassgun.

Featuring Mantis Radio showcased Teutonic Kaboom (and soon be showcased Smashback) alongside remixes from Paul Blackford, Full Spektrum (both showcased on Mantis Radio) and Benjwahbeats. I’ve been playing the original Brick Shithouse for a while now at my gigs and it’s always had a great reaction. The remixes take it to another level of dancefloor. In particular Full Spektrum’s storming hard edged rave tinged effort.

Get Bitch Or Try Dying EP

SmashBack – Brick Shithouse
Teutonic Kaboom – Rhubarb Rhubarb
Vitamin – Group Job
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Benjwabeats remix)
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Full Spectrum remix)
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Paul Blackford remix)