Bassgun’s new EP ft. SmashBack, Teutonic Kaboom + Vitamin

Brand new release from the UK label: Bassgun.

Featuring Mantis┬áRadio showcased Teutonic Kaboom (and soon be showcased Smashback) alongside remixes from Paul Blackford, Full Spektrum (both showcased on Mantis┬áRadio) and Benjwahbeats. I’ve been playing the original Brick Shithouse for a while now at my gigs and it’s always had a great reaction. The remixes take it to another level of dancefloor. In particular Full Spektrum’s storming hard edged rave tinged effort.

Get Bitch Or Try Dying EP

SmashBack – Brick Shithouse
Teutonic Kaboom – Rhubarb Rhubarb
Vitamin – Group Job
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Benjwabeats remix)
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Full Spectrum remix)
SmashBack – Brick Shithouse (Paul Blackford remix)


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