Rejections – Resin In The Filter on Opal Tapes (+ Q&A)

Bring the noise!

My pick of the latest batch on Opal Tapes is Resin In The Filter by Rejections: two side long variations on the noise techno side of things that really do take the noise to the nth degree. One part Basic Channel; one part Einstuerzende Neubauten. This is compelling music that demands to be played loud.

Tidal waves of noise rolling continuously above pounding drums and vaporous distorted clouds of reverb. Layer upon layer of sound. Piercing highs and stomach churning lows. Not for the faint hearted.

Even the quieter moments are full of dread.

Following the recent Jehu release The Verticle City from March of this year and the Receding Zones EP on his own Reject and Fade label late last year, and Resin In The Filter, his 5th release, I asked Rejections a few questions:

What is the driving force behind the music you make as Rejections?
I suppose the driving force behind my music is probably the same as it is for anyone getting into music, writing or just making art which is principally to work towards developing an individual voice and have something worthwhile to express, which either says something new about the world we live in or brings a fresh perspective to an existing theme etc. I don’t think that challenge can ever stop. If you ever believe you have achieved it you have probably lost your edge.

I kind of link this to the greater work of just developing as a person, as your art should reflect where your head is at, your ambitions, your pursuit of happiness, usually in the face of frustrations, set backs, hard times etc. The main impetus was at first to make music in the face of those things, almost in defiance of them but I’ve kinda realised that is just purely negative and there has to be something more holistic behind my work for it to be more worthwhile, for me and the listener.

Do you see a link between the heavily layered, complex music you make and say the very slow movements of an artist like Orphax?
The layers behind the form of the Opal Tapes release and the previous releases reflect the themes examined in my music. For example, Resin in the Filter is all about how we are bombarded with narratives, how they infect us and shape our psyche so the different sonics reflect that, how they swarm over each other and try to dominate and take control.

And what is next for Reject and Fade?
I am looking at a more minimalist approach on the next release, haven’t really made my mind up yet as it will be an extension of Resin… but I am also conscious of not repeating myself, as much for my own enjoyment in making the music as anything else.

I like fresh challenges. I’m not sure when it will go on release yet, as I have various other projects on the go. Like I am working on another instalment for Transmission to Fade, which is the ‘show’ I have on Basic FM.

The first episode went out a few months ago (all original content, put together by myself using field recordings), the next is a collaboration with a guy called Bob McCully who records under the name Wizard Of. We both had releases on Jehu and Chinaman and he is super talented. It will be a hour long soundtrack (or more accurately excerpts from a soundtrack) for a fictional horror film. Hopefully it will be out in July/August. I also have gigs and other projects so pretty busy, which is all good.


Catch Rejections live this Friday (July 5th) in Manchester at Gesamtkunstwerk, featuring:


Tickets available from Skiddle, more details on Facebook.


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