Marcus Fjellström and his EP ‘Epilogue -M-‘ on Aagoo

Still exploring the hazy uneven landscape that lies beyond techno and pushes out towards the outer reaches of experimentation I have discovered a new place to rest a while.

Multimedia artist and composer Marcus Fjellström, whose work ranges from the purely orchestral through electronic music, audiovisual work and work with the Swedish Royal Ballet and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra (as well as various ensembles and soloists) now presents his new EP Epilogue -M- via Aagoo‘s new REV.Laboratories series.

REV. Laboratories is a graphic design and music label with a special interest in the interpretation and representation of experimental music and films, and Epilogue -M- certainly fits into that agenda.

It has a warm rich sound akin to that of a film soundtrack whilst at the same time being full of the crackle and hiss you expect to hear playing old 78s. Full of detail and with every listen it reveals a new texture or sound previously hidden.

The production across the whole collection is simply amazing, there are layers upon layers of sound and yet it never feels over done or in any way cluttered and to me at least, part of the magic of listening to this EP is in not knowing how any of it was done.

Epilogue -M- is simple, complex, uncluttered and yet full of sound. I don’t understand it and yet I cant stop listening to it.

Marcus Fjellström – Epilogue -M-


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