Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid EP / Ricochet

Lifecycle is both a thoroughly lovely chap and one hell of a producer; one that I’ve been fortunate enough to showcase on Mantis Radio (and play at his East London club night). Following up what his album started comes his Correcting Fluid EP on his own Ricochet Records imprint.

At the start of this EP is the almost liquid feeling bass opening track Reflecting Through It. The bass so on point it could be mistaken for the work of the mighty and often untouchable Si Begg. A fantastic head down grimer.

Euphorics 101 goes into more juke-eqse territory with the drum work yet keeps the vibe subterranean and headspun. A very interesting build, quite ‘out there’ and somewhat abstract but that building knarly bass flows over over the top with almost possessed prowess.

3rd of the 4 tracks, and indeed the title track Correcting Fluid continues the 808 machinations but adds epic verging drone synth work. Quite beautiful. Lifecyle is one producer that is going to be getting a lot more attention should he continue to produce music quite as lovely and ‘darkfloor‘ as this. This track feels just about tamed, he’s kept it on the restrained side. Wonderful work.

Finally Benbecula’s Ochre turns in a remix of track Correcting Fluid. Keeping the tempo up there in the mid 130s as the rest of the EP sits but bringing to the table the warming almost sundaze electronica that I know and enjoy Ochre for.

Truth be told, this is a blinder of an EP.

Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid EP

Lifecycle – Reflecting Through It
Lifecycle – Euphorics 101
Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid
Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid (Ochre remix)


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