preview ‘IV’ – anodyne’s new album

Doesn’t feel like it was 4 years ago that Colin Cloughley released his last album Corrosion as anodyne. But it was. So deal with it. In the meantime we’ve had a couple of sharp cut EPs on Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle, Stormfield’s Combat Recordings and most recently on Scanone’s Yellow Machines with Fractured back in January.

The prolific and diverse electronica label Psychonavigation have shared an album preview of IV, forthcoming on their sub label Offshoot – and it’s sounding like quite the worthy follow up to Corrosion. That album that was a bit of a secret weapon for me, particularly with tracks like Close Your Eyes and Haze whilst Menace 808 from his Earwiggle EP would rinse the hardcore proper the following April.

Close Your Eyes got the remix treatment with an incredible slice of timeless electro breaks from Autechre. Another remix weapon to rival most anything was Boris Noiz’ version of Empire Of Light. Basically what I’m saying is anodyne makes excellent music that more people need to hear, widescreen vistas of synth manipulation, electro beats all over the yin yang – locked in with rich bass as and when

Take a listen for yourself, but you’ve a bit of a wait as the album isn’t due to drop until September 8th.

anodyne returns to his roots, mutating multiple genres into his own brand of emotive, deep electronica. Analog bass and soul seeking strings envelop the listener while melodies entrance and beats get your head moving.

He displays his musical diversity across IV’s twelve cuts. Bass-heavy downtempo beats, melodic electronics and emotive strings. Warped bass, futuristic electronica, disjointed voices echo between reverb soaked melodies and bass heavy beats.


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