Slackk’s snapsnot of grime mix for February has dropped

Assigned as one of London’s leading lights in that new grime wave that the mags and digital platforms are hyping up, Paul Lynch aka Slackk just published his mix for February.

He’s been dropping a monthly mix, a pretty essential snapshot of current grime, since last year (all of 2013’s are available here) and it looks like he’s continuing the periodical drop for 2014.

Much like jungle, grime is currently, apparently, enjoying somewhat of a revival. With more of the bigger media platforms paying attention and devoting attention and copy to it. Thing is, both these scenes never went anywhere, just that the self proclaimed cool kids and outlets, are paying attention now.

Slackk – February 2014.
Download Stream

Lolingo – Mr Dreamcast
Inkke – Monkie
Murlo – Bowed
William Skeng – Pompelmo
Fallow – Listen
Dubbel Dutch – Load It
Myth – Ions
Spokes – Gassed Up
Sentiment – Nought Out
K-Ro – Victoria Park
Dullah Beatz – Once Chance
Inkke – Daisychain
Murlo – Ravine
Trends & JL Sanders – Undertaker
K1 – Streetlights (Wud Refix)
JT The Goon – Wars
DJ Q – Trust Again (Major Grave remix)
Strict Face – Heatstrikes
Eso – Apollo
Finn – My My
Sirpixalot – Police Brutality
DOK – Goldeneye (JL remix)
William Skeng – Wetsuit Riddim
Murlo – Roman Baths
Dullah Beatz – Echoes
Swifta Beater – Chrome (Lolingo remix)
Phantom – Complex City
Shriekin Specialist – Steel Ships


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