NNID’s ‘Incoming Cataclysm’

This one almost snuck by me. Incoming Cataclysm is the 37th release for IDM electronica netlabel Crazy Language and is available as a free download.

NNID is a collaborative project featuring Logical Disorder (a great producer in his own right) who some of you might remember from his sublime showcase for Mantis Radio; together with Nikka and Leit who I’m unfamiliar with.

Maybe this is the most clear and precise way for the collective NNID to express their particular worldview regarding the role of humans in their self-destructive path towards this utopic environment created by us, at our own image and convenience. Our unstoppable trend towards regressive evolution. An intimate journey into fear and its consequences.

And the universe around us. Untamed, unknown and quasi- virgin. Is this the final frontier? The desired forbidden fruit in our inexhaustible yearning for power? The ‘whole’, many of us refer to, tells us nothing and leaves us blank in its incoming cataclysm. This is what is known of our existence and yet we know nothing.

NNID – Incoming Cataclysm

NNID – 273° Kelvin
NNID – Hydrogen
NNID – Blazars
NNID – 19?11’17,3”

the tracks are under creative commons: by-nc-nd

All tracks composed and recorded by NNID
Mastering by Dark Dreams Factory Studios
Artwork & live visuals by AC 3Monitor


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