Trent Reznor & David Lynch

Nine Inch Nails meets David Lynch on the video for new single Came Back Haunted

Most of you NIN fans will have clocked this when it went live over the weekend, for those that missed it due to shouting abuse/adoration at the Glastonbury coverage here it is.

Yes this is the new Nine Inch Nails material Came Back Haunted taken from the forthcoming album Hesitation Marks (dropping worldwide September 3rd) with a video directed by the Lord of the weird shadows David Lynch. They’ve worked together before of course, most notably on Lynch’s film Lost Highway.

The video doesn’t make an awful lot of sense – it is bleak and visually delicious – typically Lynchian I hear you cry. Yes.

It’s sure to divide fans of Lynch as much as the new track divided fans of the band when this track and news of the new album surfaced a few weeks ago. Bearing in mind that Reznor had ended NIN with a farewell tour and had been working on film soundtracks and new band How To Destroy Angels, some fans, rightly, felt a bit at odds with the imminent return.

Personally I like the new track, lyrically it’s not The Downward Spiral or The Fragile but then it was never going to be as the place that Reznor use to be in: serious narcotic abuse, depression, near death overdose, et al is behind him now. I’m very keen to hear the new album and fingers crossed that this single is as ‘pop’ as it gets.


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