Blackmass Plastics

Coming up on Mantis Radio 76 – Blackmass Plastics – January 11

It’s 2011. A new year, and with it comes a new live timeslot. Mantis Radio will now be broadcasting on alternate Tuesdays from 20:00GMT.

Up this week, and to blow apart some those new speakers you got from Santa, we’ve Blackmass Plastics as our showcase guest.

Mantis Radio 076 + Blackmass Plastics
20:00 GMT / Future Music

Featured Guest
I’ve been after Blackmass Plastics for some time, and there are few better ways to open a new year than with the almighty power that Blackmass Plastics unleashes with his production work. Synonymous with future thinking, heavy bass driven snarling machine funk, rampant with the spirit of fierce hardcore and early rave.

Blackmass Plastics takes his experiences of 80s electro, industrial and 90s raves into his laboratory spawning often tense, always hard edged and futuristic beasts. His sound is uniquely his, full of breakbeats, electro and 2step influence, multi-genre carnage. He is for want of a better term, pure darkfloor sound.

He’s had support from John Peel on BBC Radio One as well as on the BBC World Service and he continues to receive support from underground stations like Rinse FM, Pulse Radio and Resonance FM and of course our very own Mantis Radio.

His tracks have been in my record bag ever since I first heard him back in 2006 with his Four Aces EP on Rag & Bone Records. It’s taken nearly 4 years to get him on the show, and believe me, it’s worth the wait. He’s put together a unique and exclusive showcase mix for us, with some 31 of his unreleased tracks let loose.


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