Vacu Sessions 34 – Narayana

One of our favourite abstract sound series Vacu Sessions recently published a new recording; from Croatian duo Narayana.

Formed back in 2004 the duo of S.P. and K.I. released their debut album The Faces of Vivisection in 2007:  to spread the truth about vivisection, and to show people the terror under animals. One, if not both of the duo are involved in organising a mini-festival of experimental music in their home city of Sisak called Sound Abuse. Further information can be gleamed from their SoundCloud profile including links to download their releases.

Theirs is a sound that is part industrial, part drone, part noise and definitely one that emanates from the shadows. Listen with the lights off.

Ordo Lacrima Christi – El Diablo Me Arranco la Lengua (Narayana remix)
Narayana – Infect
Narayana – Please
Narayana – That Day
Narayana – In Eyes of Myself
Narayana – Virginity
Narayana – Narah
Narayana – Ja?
Narayana – Playing With My Daddy
Narayana – In Loving Memory


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